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Your executive staffing needs differ in unique ways. To fill your various placements, we offer personalized services with four choices to meet your requirements.

Contingency Assignments – This gives you the most flexibility. Contingency assignments do not require retainers, and you only pay after a candidate is selected and begins work.

Retainer Assignments – Work with us exclusively or for a specific job opening. You pay a retainer to secure the agreement, offering you to all the advantages of Exclusive Agreements without the long-term commitment.

Exclusive Agreements – You work with the same company and the same individuals for all your placement needs, thus building strong relationships quickly. Having one source for all your placement needs simplifies the hiring process and ensures quality candidates. You also pay less in recruiting fees.

Employee Contracting Services – Sometimes you need individuals for specific short- or long-term assignments, but don’t want to create actual positions at your company. With Employee Contracting Services, Sparrow recruits the person you need and handles payroll, compensation, and risk to give you freedom and flexibility.

Read about our process for finding the individuals you need, or contact us with your inquiry.