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Temporary & Contract Staffing Services

For companies who see fluctuations in their business demands, knowing when to invest in hiring is challenging. Hiring talent allows for organizations to meet their deadlines, but once demand slows, they’re left with the overhead costs of an over-staffed team.

At Sparrow Company, we provide our clients with temporary and contract staffing solutions to give them the best of both worlds. With temporary hires, you can experience the confidence of a fully-staffed team without taking on the liability of hiring a full-time employee.

Enjoy Increased Production Without the Overhead of Hiring

Hiring is expensive. Especially when you account for the insurance, PTO, training, and onboarding. By using our temporary and contract staffing services, your company can bring people with the skills and experience you need to maintain the productivity and efficiency of a complete workforce, without inflating your overhead costs.

Other Staffing Services


The right hire is more than the most impressive candidate. Your company needs a professional who has the skills and experiences your role demands, but also who shares your business vision and fits seamlessly into your culture. If you partner with us, we’ll find that person for your team.


High-Volume RPO

As your company takes on large projects and has tight deadlines to work within, sometimes your hiring needs are multiple. Our high volume staffing services provide our clients with large numbers of employees so you can grow your business with confidence.


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