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Simple. Straightforward. Customized.

That’s how we do successful placements at Sparrow Company in three essential phases.

Phase 1 – Search Preparation

  • Review job description, timeline, and possibly visit company premises with client.
  • Identify critical skills, experience, and personal traits needed.
  • Meet with client to create and implement a sourcing plan.

Phase 2 – Search Activation

  • Identify and screen potential candidates.
  • Conduct preliminary face-to-face interviews.
  • Present shortlist of qualified candidates to client.
  • Handle logistics for client interviews.

Phase 3 – Search Completion

  • Compile decision-making criteria from candidate.
  • Consult with client to develop a competitive package.
  • Facilitate candidate’s acceptance and transition to client’s company.

The recruiting process typically takes 60 to 90 days. This timeline varies depending on the job description and the availability of individuals involved in the hiring process.

Contact us with any questions—we always respond promptly.

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