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Human Resources Recruiting

At Sparrow Company, we help all types of organizations across the United States and Mexico find the leading HR candidates their business needs to thrive.

HR Recruiting Solutions

Regardless of industry, hard-working HR teams function as the backbone of organizations large and small. With the global business landscape becoming ever-more complex, having talented HR professionals in place to build and manage exceptional teams and help design company strategies has become a business imperative.

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HR Roles We Fill

We’ve earned the trust of our great clients by consistently filling a variety of HR roles. For an idea of which roles at your organization we could help you fill with top talent, take a look at a sampling of our recently completed searches below:

  • Human Resources Vice President
  • Human Resources Director
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Community Relations Manager
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Resources Clerk
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Human Resources Systems Analyst
  • Administrative Human Resources Assistant

Client Testimonials

“It has been my pleasure to work with Sparrow Recruiters over the years. The up-front work you do makes the process so easy. You understand not only the job, but also our culture, work environment, and company strategy. You and your team have established good rapport and a strong working relationship with me and my team members. When external talent is needed, your firm is a valuable extension of our Human Resources team.”

Cleo Boyd, Director of Human Resources

“We’ve been very fortunate to partner with the Sparrow Company team for many years. They truly embody the values of customer service, entrepreneurship, integrity, and efficiency.”

Guillermo F. Martinez, Vice President of Human Resources & Communications

Our Services

At Sparrow Company, we feel it is vital to be a partner who can solve all, not just some, of our client’s hiring challenges. This is why we designed our recruiting services to offer maximum flexibility to suit any occasion.

Temporary/ Contract

Our temporary/contract services allow our clients to hire the skills and experience they need, without taking on the liability and overhead of a direct hire.

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Direct Hire

The ideal candidate is never simply the one with the most impressive resume. Beyond just the technical requirements of your role, you need someone who seamlessly fits into your culture and aligns with your long-term vision. When you partner with us, we find the person that can do both.

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High-Volume RPO

When business is peaking or when projects rapidly evolve in scope, your organization may need to make more than just one hire. Our high-volume staffing services provide our clients with large numbers of employees so you can grow your business with confidence.

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Industries We Serve

As a generalist recruiting agency, we are able to provide a wide range of career options. We can provide you with temporary, contract, or direct-hire career opportunities to the following core industries:


Human Resources







Find HR Talent Today!

No matter who you need, or how long you need them for, Sparrow Company can help you find the HR professional you need, fast. We do it all the time. Get in touch with us today to learn how we will do it for you.